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Improving Human and Animal Health With Protein Engineering.

Trophogen Seeks $10-15 million in Series B Investments or Pharmaceutical Partnership to bring four advanced Human Glycoprotein Analog BioSuperior Products, focusing on Women’s Health, for proven multibillion dollar markets, plus three quick-to-market Animal Analog Products, focusing on Animal Reproduction, to Phase 1-2 Combined Clinical Trials by 2017-19

February 2nd, 2016 Rockville, MD
With Trophogen’s unique and very broad platform technology developing over 100 patented long-acting, much more potent & effective, and totally safe non-immunogenic human and animal superagonist analogs of glycoprotein hormones and growth factors, the company is seeking investments to address multi-billion dollar markets in immuno-therapy, infertility, elective egg banking, untreatable & aggressive cancers, and regenerative medicine. The first 4 human products of this very broad platform are fully developed and ready, with compelling preclinical animal effectiveness and safety studies including primates, for combined phase 1-2 clinical trials to address unmet needs using patented and immunogenic BioSuperior technologies including TSH, FSH, PDGF, VEGF, LH, CG hormones, and Nanotechnology. Evidenced studies show Trophogen’s BioSuperior platform technologies to supercede current BioBetters, BioSimilars, and current market drugs in their respective imaging, diagnostic and treatment protocols. These metrics include increased safety and efficacy in cancer targeting, nanotech drug delivery, increased follicle stimulation, wound healing & tissue regeneration, eliminated immunogenicity, and decreased number of necessary applications.
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Trophogen, Inc. Awarded $756,000 for Second Year of Phase 2 NIH/NCI Fast Track SBIR Grant for Development of Novel Human VEGF Analogs for Targeted Imaging of Undifferentiated Thyroid Cancer.

July 7th, 2015 - FOR IMMEDIATE RLEASE Rockville, MD
Trophogen, Inc. today announced that it was awarded the second year of its Phase 2 Fast Track component of $756,000 for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop novel VEGF analogs for targeted imaging of undifferentiated thyroid cancer.
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Trophogen, Inc. Announces Signing of Exclusive Global Veterinary License and Purchase Agreement With Zoetis, Inc. for Recombinant Long- Acting and Superactive Bovine Follicle- Stimulating Hormone (rbFSH) Analog for Superovulation in Cows.

June 2nd, 2015 - FOR IMMEDIATE RLEASE Rockville, MD
Trophogen, Inc. today announced that the company has completed a licensing and purchase agreement granting Zoetis Inc., the leading global animal health company, an exclusive license to develop Trophogen’s recombinant modified bovine Follicle- Stimulating Hormone (rbFSH) analog in the field of animal health reproduction.
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Lead Products

1. "Recombinant, long acting, high potency "bovine FSH" super -agonist analog for superovula -tion and embryo transfer in beef and dairy cows - "Licensed to Zoetis, Inc. (see above).

2. "Recombinant, long acting, high potency "equine CG" super -agonist analog for reduced time to & synchronization of estrus in pigs and other animals."

3. "Recombinant, long acting, high potency "human FSH" super -agonist analog for infertility and elective egg banking."

4. "Recombinant, long acting, high potency "human TSH" super -agonist analog for imaging and treatment of thyroid cancer."

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