Improving Human and Animal Health With Protein Engineering.

Human Health

In fast-paced societies, workplace gender equality and a longer lifespan are major reasons why women are waiting until later in life for childbearing, which creates a greater risk of infertility. Along with this greater risk of infertility is the chance for multiple health issues related to infertility. In addition to the issue of infertility, the trend of elective "egg-banking" is attracting new ambitious female professionals that want to postpone maternity until their careers are established, without worrying about a decline in fertility.

Trophogen's mission is to create products that have the potential to address these issues, and that will be more affordable, efficient, more reliable with minimalized side-effects.

Status of Long Acting, Superagonist Human/Animal Product Pipeline (updates are pending)

Human Health Products
1. Recombinant, long acting, high potency human FSH superagonist analog for infertility therapy and elective egg banking.

2. Recombinant, long acting, high potency human TSH superagonist for imaging and therapy of thyroid cancer.

3. Recombinant, long acting, high potency human VEGF superagonist for imaging and therapy of thyroid and multiple other cancers.

4. Recombinant, long acting, high potency human LH superagonist for infertility therapy.

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